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Mature guy eats cum

Posted on: 2018-02-12

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Gay boys and older men wanking. I went looking for that new experience. My tongue spread it all around in my mouth.

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Thousands of men love cum His mouth was thrilling to feel as he sucked.

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I moved to right in front of him . What else can I say I loved kissing and so accepted his mouth. Join Now Log In.

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But the feeling was so good, I wondered how it would ever stop. The problem is how do I find a cock that I know is safe I have only sucked one cock, It realy turned me on, Would like it again if I had some one to trust.

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Our privates were wet with gooey manly juice. My cock swelled faster than I had wished.

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You can smell it steaming out of his urethra, such a manly powerful smell. Lee as man to man .

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This advice comes from a guy who knows and is begging you to give a guy a blow job. I need help with my sex life. I love the tangy taste of it as my tongue spreads it around in my mouth.

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My experience with cum goes way. He almost walked back and forth like he was proud of his large penis. What a thrill it was In and out in and out.

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His body trembled some through it all. Although he though I was still an adolescent with no trace of pubic hair, I felt the need and closeness to him to tell him that I had been jerking off, as the kids at school would say. Off with your shorts. His cock gets so stiff and hard, his head super full of blood.

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Each booth will have a glory hole for men to stick their cocks. I wonder how Nick could keep from getting erected. On this particular night I had been going through stroking myself as in masturbating motions and with a quick groan I jerked off over my chest and stomach. We both left feeling we had had a very wonderful and lucky encounter.

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I love every mouthful of cum I get from blow jobs. We all can agree on this . And Mom sleeps through it I had no idea how to find a man to suck.

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Its taste and its creamy feeling. The guys I meet there are not gayish. In minutes a guy sat next to me and his hand went into my crotch.

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I tried to find a guy but the ones I met were so Gay it put me off so I now content myself with having a wank and making out my cock is being sucked but I truly would love to find a reliable guy in the UK who I can hang out with for mutual oral pleasure. Your guy likely wants to go down on you. I LOVE black cock.

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But what actually grosses a guy out in bed I find that having sex with whites is just as exciting and satisfying when they cum as black guys are. His body trembled some through it all.

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It was large mature guy eats cum a good firm pronounced rim around it. It seem that there were endless throbbing gushes of cum I shot into his mouth.

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Going overboard without warning can be a turn off. My mouth filled with wads of thick warm pudding like cream. I had no precum so he told me to taste his and I did the. I was into some sex play with a couple of friends and the sight of him demonstrating his manhood was all I needed

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I need to lose a lotto weight so I can maneuver myself to have my sick close to my face. It was my first blow job.

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So the bottom line is Bigger is Better A week later I had the chance. The head of it felt gorgeous. I was doing him, My mouth was going up and down and I loved the large cock head going through my lips.